Uldun 76th Mechanized Infantry

Homeworld: Uldun

Founding Date: 055.612.M41

Initial Founding: 8,100

Current Size: 7,233

Reinforcements Received: 0

Major Actions:
  • Savara. 613.M41 – 618.M41. Extended battle against mutant terrorist forces over working conditions in oil fields on desert world of Savara. Supply lines maintained to major Imperial worlds despite large combat zone and highly spread resource points. Over 4,000 confirmed kills including over 200 rebel combat vehicles.
  • Gorgoth Crusade. 618.M41 – 627.M41. Assaulted rebel positions in 4th wave drop assault on Alcor. Siege of rebel fortress world of Tain for 3 years using heavy artillery. Part of shrine world Elexia liberation force. Current Assignment: Tempest Alpha – One exploratory fleet. Commanding Officer: Colonel Halil – 15 years

+ Classified Tango-4-Ametrine +

Cultural Notes – 057.612.M41
  • Industrialized Imperial World.
  • Large open spaces require “Dune Runner” wheeled vehicles. Population is largely nomadic.
  • Highly skilled technical culture.
  • Great emphasis placed on working knowledge of basic machines.
  • Emphasis placed on critical thinking. Ability to solve problems highly valued.
  • Likely will develop into a Forge World within five hundred years.

Command Note – 237.618.M41 p. Unit lacks aggression and durability for highly dangerous war zones. Command leadership is effective in dealing with complex tactical challenges. Give leadership latitude in dealing with complex problems. Avoid using unit in garrison or “meat grinder” scenarios where they are unlikely to have the enthusiasm for sustained carnage and where their superior speed and problem solving skills are less useful.

Uldun 76th Mechanized Infantry

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