Tarskan 5th Light Infantry

Homeworld: Tarskan

Founding Date: 100.600.M41

Initial Founding: 5,550

Current Size: 1,457

Reinforcements Received: 0

Major Actions:
  • Valkrim Prime Assault. 602.M41 – 605.M41. Defeated minor Ork incursion at trailing edge of “Undred Gun Ork Fleet.” Estimated 25,000 xenos elimated in famous “Ice Rim Valley” massacre.
  • Hedgemond Purge. 608.M41 – 616.M41. Extensive mutant population eliminated after 8 standard years of battle in the burning pitch swamps of Hedgemond.
  • Gorgoth Crusade. 618.M41 – 627.M41. Assaulted rebel positions in 1st wave drop assault on Alcor. Siege of rebel fortress world of Tain for 3 years before orbital bombardment made planet uninhabitable. Liberated shrine world of Elexia. Current Assignment: Tempest Alpha – One exploratory fleet. Commanding Officer: Colonel Sheara Braum – 2 years.

+ Classified Tango-6-Ametrine +

Cultural Notes – 105.600.M41
  • Feudal world.
  • Military culture based on individual horse warriors.
  • Great emphasis placed on personal honor, dueling, ritual battle scars, etc.
  • Generally disorganized, rebellious and difficult to command.
  • Excessive bravery useful in assault scenarios.
  • Bravado and dueling culture likely leading to casualties in garrison or defensive positions.

Command Note – 112.628.M41

Use this unit aggressively, higher casualties only makes them more dangerous and does little to their already questionable unit cohesion. The unit is likely to become combat ineffective in its next action.

Tarskan 5th Light Infantry

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