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Our adventure begins with our heroes as acolytes of the Emperor’s most blessed and holy Inquisition. Our acolytes being bound by oath and loyalty to Inquisitor Oldavii Skaine, a notorious Inquisitor who has terrorized heretics and xenos in Segmentum Obscurus for over sixty years. When Tempest Reach became accessible to imperial shipping, Skaine was among the first to gather his forces to be a part of the initial task force.

Our heroes are currently aboard the Rogue Trader vessel “Dark Horizons.” They have been in warp space for almost two weeks and any day now can expect to breach the immaterium and return to the universe where they will get a glimpse of the first of many worlds that have been hidden for five decades in the Reach.

Task force Tempest Alpha One

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The task force is made up of 3 Rogue Trader fleets as well as a small wing of the Imperial Navy.

  • Emperor’s Vengeance: Gothic Class Cruiser
  • Righteous Fury: Dauntless Class Light Cruiser
  • Dark Horizons: Sword Class Cruiser, Rogue Trader
  • Lost Worlds: Explorer Class Transport, Rogue Trader
  • Far Star: Nebula Class Privateer, Rogue Trader
  • Void Stalkers: 3 Cobra Class Frigates
  • Blood Wings: 2 Firestorm Class Frigates
  • 67th Shivan Regulars: 1 Regiment Imperial Guard, 3025 men
  • 11th Aban Light Infantry: 1 Partial Strength Regiment Imperial Guard, 678 men
  • Tactical Squad Anihilus: 10 Black Templar Space Marines
  • Inquisitor Oldavii Skaine and retinue (strength unknown).
  • Inquisitor Commedae Vitilus with a retinue of 106 Acolytes.

Tempest Reach

  • 276 Inhabited Systems
  • 1045 Uninhabited Systems
  • 320ly x 180ly
  • 95bil Souls
  • 15.9tril Thrones per anum

The Tempest Reach is an area of space in Segmentum Obscurus approximately 30,000 light years from Holy Terra. The Reach is well known for it’s rich mineral world and the large number of warp storms, currents and eddies that disrupt space travel through the Reach. Dominated by two stellar clusters, Cluster Caelestis and Cluster Terminus the Tempest Reach contains over a thousand systems with several hundred inhabited worlds.

The Reach is buffeted by frequent warp storms and warp squalls. The merchant worlds at the edge of the reach are very close to major shipping lanes in Segmentum Obscurus and as such the Reach has become a hideout for various corsair fleets and pirate warlords. Fortunately the difficulty of warp navigation in and around the Reach cripples pirate vessels as often as it does Imperial frigates.

Recent History

On 6321578.M41 a class 7 warp typhoon engulfed much of the reach, cutting it off from all Imperial contact. Now, fifty years later the typhoon has subsided to a class 1 warp squall and transportation into Tempest Reach is once again possible.

A giant fleet of merchant vessels including three Rogue Traders have gathered to enter the Tempest to earn their fortune on the worlds that have so long been isolated from Imperial trade.

Discovered Worlds

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