Lt Colonel Garth Valor

Tarskan 5th Light Infantry

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Homeworld: Tarskan

Age: 49

Status: Deceased

Major Actions:
  • Valkrim Prime Assault. 602.M41 – 605.M41. 25 confirmed kills. Company casualties, 15%.
  • Hedgemond Purge. 608.M41 – 616.M41. 6 confirmed kills. Company casualties: 10%.
  • Gorgoth Crusade. 618.M41 – 627.M41. 200+ kills. Company casualties: 55%. Citation: Purity Seal of Honor. Citation: Blessing of Injury Current Assignment: Tempest Alpha – One exploratory fleet. Commanding Officer: Colonel Valgen Septh
+ Classified Foxtrot-3-Diamond + Profile Notes
  • Psych Profile Code: UX590M
  • Wealthy Feudal World noble.
  • Highly educated by Tarskan standards. Literature, poetry, music, politics, history.
  • Quickly adjusted to Imperial culture.
  • Highly inquisitive despite heavy psych conditioning to suppress curiosity and independent thinking.
Record Notes
  • 100.600.M41: Initial rank – Lieutenant, 3rd Platoon, 2nd Company 5th Tarskan Light.
  • 110.602.M41: Promoted to Lieutenant after close assault from “Blood Fang Boyz.”
  • 091.604.M41: Fought on front line of Ice Rim Valley for 97 hours without rest or food.
  • 233.609.M41: Officer chastised for returning late to barracks. Exotic tastes in food, weapons, sexuality. Suggest careful observation.
  • 003.612.M41: Promoted to Captain.
  • 332.615.M41: Promoted to Major.
  • 115.622.M41: Purity Seal of Honor awarded. Officer held the line with squad of 7 men against rebel counter-attack against drop zone on Alcor. Officer’s drop transport was lynch-pin to overall landing zone defense. Estimated 50 enemy kills.
  • ???.623.M41: Blessing of Injury awarded. Officer was shot through the left lung by .42 auto-gun.
  • ???.625.M41: Battle promotion to Lieutenant Colonel. Reason unknown.

GM Note: the records of an Imperial Officer are actually several hundred pages. This is the condensed version.

Lt Colonel Garth Valor

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