Inquisitor Oldavii Skaine

Oldavii Skaine is a mysterious figure even among the Ordo Hereticus. His lungs were damaged many years ago in one of the many battles he fought during his younger days and now he wears a cyber-lung in order to survive normal pressure worlds. Rumors persist that he was horribly scarred while fighting a heretical cult on Caelthan-4. He was captured and strapped to the side of a sub-orbital floating city during a 2 hour hydroclore acid storm. He survived long enough for his restraints to be eaten away by the acid allowing him to escape and ultimately purge the cult.

Mech inquisitor portrait

Skaine is not public with his alliances within the Inquisition and it is rumored that he has joined both the Puritans as well as the Radicals. The most persistant rumors are that he is a Puritan Monodominant, believing that the only way man can survive is if every other creature, alien, mutant and psyker is destroyed.

He rarely speaks in conclave. Many feared he was corrupted and so would not show his face in council. Lord Inquisitor Alessandro Rorken has personally assured the conclave many times that Skaine is free of any signs of corruption. Yet the rumors persist.

Inquisitor Oldavii Skaine

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