Eli Cromwell III

A short, faithful cleric of the imperial Ecclesiarchy.


“Men must die so that Man endures.”

A short man, Eli was born the runt of the family. He has dark, ruddy skin, well-groomed black hair and piercing blue eyes. He takes his service to the Imperium and the Ecclesiarchy seriously and is extremely dedicated to rooting out heresy where it may worm itself into society. Eli is quiet and thoughtful and many underestimate his skill because of his short stature.

  • Full flak jacket and flak helmet.
  • Auto pistol
  • Blessed Sword
  • Skull Charm
  • Aquila Necklace
  • Ecclesiarchy Robes (Good Quality)
  • Grenades

Born to a middle-class family in Gunmetal City on the planet Scintilla, the Cromwell family toiled in the munitions factory for generations. This life was not for Eli however, for his diminutive stature prohibited him from being an effective laborer and so he was sent off to the Ecclesiarchy to join the priesthood. Eli found great strength in the Imperial Cult and his dedication was unwavering. It wasn’t long before he was chosen to be the valet for a prominent noble of Gunmetal City, a powerful man by the name of Igor Karkovski. Eli’s service to the Karkovski family was short-lived, however, for he immediately sensed dark and heretical activities going on within the Karkovski household. Cromwell immediately reported his findings to the Ecclesiarchy. It was at this time when he first met the inquisitor by the name of Oldivaii Skaine. After hearing Cromwell’s report (DATA EXPUNGED FROM IMPERIAL RECORDS), the Inquisition immediately declared the Karkovski family Excommunicatus and a small detachment of guardsmen were sent along with Skaine to purge the heretical family. This was Eli’s first experience with the Inquisition and it changed him profoundly. After the subsequent purgation of the Karkovski house, Eli was left with nowhere to go. Skaine recruited him as an acolyte of the inquisition and he now serves as part of Skaine’s retinue.

Eli Cromwell III

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