Crassus Longinus

Level 2 Assassin


Subject (Crassus Longinus) was born to middle class parents on the hive world Demiurge.

Father, Tiber Longinus, was a scribe in the local bureaucracy. Files indicate possible implications in petty graft, but no serious malfeasance on record (prior to heresy).

Mother, Elena Duchamp, was an unregistered psyker of some power. Reports do not indicate how her aptitudes were missed in early screenings. Possible that powers were latent until later in life, though this is extraordinarily rare.

Mother’s psyker tendencies were discovered when subject (Crassus Longinus) was age 12. Parents summarily executed for failing to report heresy to local ecclesiarch. Subject showed no signs of psyker aptitude.

Subject had no next of kin on-world. Mercy statutes allowed for subject to be sent to local labor orphanage until the age of 18. Literary aptitudes were expunged from subject’s training regimine due to a series of violent episodes that resulted in the death or serious injury of 4 other labor charges. Subject fast-tracked to penal regiment of the Imperial Guard.

A more detailed examination by Labor Orphanage Deputy revealed no inherent violent tendencies on subject’s part. Murders and beatings seemed orchestrated to establish dominance, and prevent hazing. Local Assassinatorum duly notified as a result.

Aptitudes in marksmanship, and high IQ resulted in a life sentence to the Assassinatorum. Duly loaned out to the Inquisition to better serve the Emperor.

Subject has proven to be a capable instrument thus far. Subject has been reprimanded on two occasions of conspicuously secular behavior. Torture therapy suspended due to work load. Further review recommended.

Crassus Longinus

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