Tempest Reach

Chapter 1: The Underhive

Sector: Caeladeus Sector

World: Alcolyn

Hive World – Population 33 Billion

Location: Galth City, 5th Spire, Mid Hive

It began with our Acolytes hot on the trail of a rogue noble from the Upper Spire. Named Jean-De-Gross this “noble” is suspected in the murder and ritual mutilation of an unknown number of mid-hive citizens. As night falls across the hive and good and loyal citizens are going to their sanctioned rest cycle Jean-De-Gross slipped out of his 756th story apartment and into the middle hive. The Acolytes followed.

De-Gross was slippery and made several attempts to elude pursuit. The Acolytes lost track of him for a time as they approached the Under-Hive. The militia manning the checkpoint into the middle hive were using elicit chemicals known as “speed sticks.” After threatening to expose the militia as chem-addicts the Acolytes learned that their quarry had indeed crossed into the Under-Hive and had been met by one of his retainers who gave him a large container that he dragged into a sewage duct.

The Under-Hive is inhabited by all kinds of dangers. Ganger leaders offer the only form of law, corpse-starch merchants sell the only available food. Below the Under-Hive lie dark and forbidden regions where only mutants and worse can survive. The Acolytes checked their weapons and followed their target into the depths.

After much searching they found a pack of mutants consuming the bones of some hapless victim. Disgusted by the mutants appearance and knowing their very existence was an affront to the Emperor the Acolytes opened fire. The mutants charged and battle was joined in the dark and dreadful silence beneath the hive.

One mutant stabbed an Acolyte through the neck with a shattered human thigh bone. Another mutant fought a sniper’s duel with another Acolyte. Eli Cromwell the III through several grenades, shattering the Mutant’s ranks while Serghar blasted them with the power of his mind. One mutant was so confused by psychic attacks that he accidentally blew the head off one of his companions.

As the mutants lay in pools of their own blood and ichor, Jean-De-Gross stepped out into the rubble of the street, his body encased in dark black-metal carapace armor. This Xeno-suit was equipped with two vibro-blades on the back of his right hand. His visor was up and his lips covered in blood and partially consumed flesh. He snarled and charged Cromwell only to be met by Cromwell’s blessed blade.

Heretical Noble

The two fought in hand to hand combat for over a minute, Cromwell parrying every blow as though he was on the practice-room floor while the Acolytes fired again and again at Jean-De-Gross’s armor, searching for a weak point. Shell casings rolled across the ferocrete as clip after clip was emptied into the heretic. Finally his armor broken and his body riddled with bullets Jean-De-Gross was gunned down.

Behind him in the dark lair of the fallen noble and his mutant allies the Acolytes discovered a dark shrine to forbidden gods where humans were sacrificed and their bodies consumed. They burned it and returned to the middle hive to await a transport back to their Inquisitor to report success.



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